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"The imitation of the antique is more to be praised than that of the modern"

-Leonardo Da Vinci









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The "Sabrina" folding travel Wheel is here!

Now also available with 14 inch wooden wheel

A new 14 inch wheel version of the popular Sabrina Travel Wheel has been released. The "Sabrina III" allows for ratios up to 11:1 in double drive and 12:1 using scotch tension. Ball bearing bobbins for a nice, (nearly) silent wheel.

New designs coming in 2018
Accelerated wheel loosely based on the Krista Ver. 6.0, with a smaller footprint. 20 inch drive wheel
The "A-Frame" Adaptation of a unique antique design thought to be of New York origin. 22 inch drive wheel
Sabrina V No-frills version of the popular Sabrina III with an 18 inch drive wheel


"Quincy" in Figured Maple

Claro Walnut Sabrina III





Cherry Irish Castle

"Colette" Claro Walnut and Maple Burl

"Krista" in Claro Walnut







"Bisson" in Cherry wood with Curly Cherry accents





Shepherds, all, and maidens fair, Fold your flocks up, for the air 'Gins to thicken, and the sun Already his great course hath run...

See the heavy clouds low falling,...

Hovering o'er the wanton face Of these pastures, where they come,..

Therefore, from such danger lock Every one his lovèd flock; And let your dogs lie loose without,

Lest the wolf come as a scout...

John Fletcher, 1579-1625