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Frequently asked questions

Please feel free to inquire at info@ztwist.com if you have any questions about our wheels not covered below.

Do you ship abroad?

Due to the Covid pandemic, we are currently NOT offering shipment outside of the United States.

Cooper wheels may be found in France, Canada, Germany, Australia,and most commonly in the United States. Shipping to France and Canada have been found to be the easiest for any of the Sabrinas. Shipping of a Quincy or Emily would be possible as well. Due to the distance, we recommend only shipping a Sabrina single treadle version to Australia. The service we use for international shipping (outside the USA) charges by the weight and size of box. Generally cost to ship a Sabrina III single treadle runs over $550 depending on destination country, with an Emily or Quincy close to double that (if not more).

Do you still make large diameter wheels?

Currently the largest diameter driving wheel size we are set up for is 22 inch. With the combination of a smaller accelerator wheel though, the Quincy and Emily wheels exceed the ratio range possible with a large driving wheel alone.

Is it possible to order any type of wood?

Our preferred wood to use is Cherry, often combined with various lighter accents (Maple burl, Boxwood etc).

Walnut, and Figured Maple have become more difficult to obtain of late. This combined with significantly higher prices for the primo quality, means we will be using less of those woods in the future.

Absolutely no South American rain forest woods will be used regardless of how they were harvested.

How do I get on your list?

To be on the wait list, e-mail us at info@ztwist.com and specify which wheel style you are interested in. Estimated wait time shall be quoted upon request and length of wait will depend on what style wheel is desired.

What ratios are included?

Ratios possible depend on the size of the drive wheel, and whether there is an accelerating wheel in the equation.

For the 14 inch diameter Sabrinas the maximum ratio possible is 12:1. Normally we include two whorls with a Sabrina III which are 8:1 and 11:1 with the 12: 1 being an option at additional cost.

Wheels with a 18 inch diameter alone are usually supplied with a 12:1, and 15:1 ratios. An 8:1 ratio whorl may be ordered at additional cost for the 18 inch wheels.

Accelerator wheels vary in range of ratios possible. The Quincy wheel ratios run from 12:1 up to 28:1. Ratios for the Emily wheel range from 8:1 up to 40:1.

The most common range provided is betrween 12:1 and 18:1( depending on wheel size), with the lower and higher ratios provided upon request and when numerically possible without compromising draw when used as a double drive setup. Yes, it can become complicated.

Cost for additional whorls ranges from $65 up to $130 depending on the wood type and desired ratio.

How many bobbins are included?

Generally three ball bearing equipped bobbins are supplied with each wheel. Capacity of bobbins varies between 3 1/2 oz and 4 oz, with the Sabrina bobbins holding the most fiber.

Additional bobbins may be ordered at the cost of $94 each for cherry wood bobbins. Cost for Walnut bobbins is $160 each. All other wood types are $200 for each additional bobbin.

Do you still make Lazy Kates?

Now and then we still make lazy kates. Generally these are done in a "run" of several at once, and just once a year. Cherry wood kates are $480 each, Curly Cherry (when available) are $680 each. Claro Walnut Kates are $875 when available.

Is it possible to buy parts for my previously owned Sabrina?

Yes, it is. Depending on the part desired it may be necessary to provide a measurement or two. In the case of flyer whorls, you would need to send yours back for measurement done in our shop. Parts which may be ordered are listed below along with pricing for cherry wood parts. Pricing for all other woods depends on wood availability, and is generally between 30% and 60% more than cherry wood parts.

Pricing for Sabrina Parts

  • Leather footman (single treadle) $65 each
  • Wooden footman Cherry wood $165 each
  • Whorl Cherry wood $130 each
  • Scotch tension peg Maple wood $65 each
  • Bobbin Pricing details in Bobbin question above.
  • Fancy threading hook $38 each

Double drive? or Scotch tension?

All of our wheels are designed to operate as a "double drive" flyer. All (with exception of Colette) may also be used as a "Scotch tension" flyer as well by means of a simple peg arrangement supplied with all applicable wheel types.