Carson Cooper Quincy wheel

Pre Orders

Below are shown the current styles available for pre-order. Lead times vary depending on style.


Carson Cooper Quincy wheel

Styled after an antique wheel from the 1830's, the Quincy is one of our most popular wheels and provides a top ratio of 28:1 along with multiple ratios down to 12:1. Left side flyer is the norm, but right side may be provided upon request. Smooth, quiet, and available to pre order in Cherry wood (shown above). Price: $4,200 plus $340 shipping (USA). International shipping considerably higher.


Carson Cooper Emily wheel

A Carson Cooper original design, the Emily allows for the widest range of ratios of any of our offerings. Ratio range from 8:1 up to 40:1. Left side flyer is the norm, but right side may be provided upon request. An optional both sides flyer arrangement may be ordered at additional cost as well. Available in Cherry wood. Price: $3,200 (single flyer only) plus $340 shipping within the USA.

Sabrina III

Carson Cooper Sabrina III

Now only available with a wooden rim wheel, the Sabrina III is styled after a French antique folding wheel from the late 1800's. Folds and disassembles for easy transport.14 inch diameter wooden wheel.Ratios are 8:1 ans 11:1. Available in Cherry wood. Price: $1,040 single treadle or $1,280 double treadle. Shipping $135 within USA.

Sabrina V

Carson Cooper Sabrina V

An 18 inch diameter version of the popular Sabrina wheel. Ratios 8:1, 10:1, 12:1 and 14:1 (Optional 15:1 available at additional cost). Available in Cherry wood. Price: $1,250 single treadle or $1,600 double treadle. Shipping $200 within USA. More photos shown on Gallery page. (Please note: Metal rim is used on limited run of first three only, wooden rim wheel will be supplied for pre-order commisions beyond limited run of three.)


Carson Cooper Colette wheel

Dimensions for this style were taken from an antique wheel from France dating around the late 1700's. A similar style is illustrated in the 1792 turner's manual Manuel du Tourneur. Our version of this style uses an 18 inch diameter wheel. Available in either Cherry wood, or Claro Walnut (when available). All versions also include Maple Burl highlights, as well as various whitewoods. Price: Cherry wood $3,500, Claro Walnut $5,400 (when available). Shipping $320 (USA).

The "A-Frame"

Carson Cooper A-Frame wheel

The A-Frame is styled after an antique believed to have originated in New York. 22 inch drive wheel. Internal crankarm. Single treadle only. Available in Cherry wood. Price: $4,500 plus shipping

Left or Right side flyer?

Our customers decide which side of the wheel the flyer is to be positioned for a pre-order wheel.Left side, or right side, its all the same to us.

An Emily is unique in that it may have a flyer on either side, or on both. A Quincy, Colette, or A-Frame can only have one flyer, either the left side, or the right.

Which side is the correct side for the flyer to be positioned depends on the customer's preference and comfort. Most customers have an idea which works best for them. If you are unsure of which, we suggest seeking advice from a fellow spinner, or trying out a specific flyer side if possible.

Features of all Cooper wheels

  • Old World construction from solid hardwoods
  • Quality bearings throughout
  • Three bobbins included in quoted price, additional available
  • Traditional thick leather maiden bearings
  • Traditional wooden threads for band tensioning (except Sabrina)
  • 3/8 inch orifice standard. 1/4 inch orifice available upon request
  • Handmade brass flyer hooks (no cup hooks!)