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"The imitation of the antique is more to be praised than that of the modern"

-Leonardo Da Vinci


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Affaire d'Amour with a French Spinning Wheel
Building the Wheels of Bergeron and Diderot

Carson Cooper

ISBN 978-0-9818772-3-5

Paperback, 128 pp, 6 x 9

$48.95 plus $3.95 shipping within the USA
Canadian customers must request invoice as shipping cost for Canada is dramatically higher.


For lovers of French Wheels everywhere. A look into making the four-legged wheels of Bergeron's Manuel du Tourneur, progressing into the beautiful triangular based wheels and finally the popular Cooper Normandy. A wheel builder since 1997, Carson Cooper explains how to make each variation with common tools. Detailed drawings and instructions are given for each.

Affaire d'Amour with a French Spinning Wheel provides detailed plans for making four classic French inspired spinning-wheels, both as they were made in 1792, and also an enhanced version including the addition of modern day bearings and materials. Drawings, dimensions and material lists come straight from the working plans of a professional wheel-builder.