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"The imitation of the antique is more to be praised than that of the modern"

-Leonardo Da Vinci


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Guide to Restoring an Antique Spinning Wheel

Carson Cooper

ISBN 978-0-9818-1-1

Paperback, 96 pp, 5 ˝ x 8 ˝


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"...a no-nonsense guide for those who want to master the techniques of their ancestors.... Giving readers everything they need to know, Guide to Restoring an Antique Spinning Wheel is an excellent, specialist's resource."

-The Midwest Book Review


Guide to Restoring an Antique Spinning Wheel reveals the "mysteries of the old wheel makers" providing tips, tricks and old time recipes for reviving the spinning tools of yesterday.

Complete with a glimpse into the early days of the wheel-makers and craft of handspinning.