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"The imitation of the antique is more to be praised than that of the modern"

-Leonardo Da Vinci


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Please note the following as it hereby states our current policy.
Cooper Spinning Wheels reserves the right to modify this policy at will, but will honor any existing policy current at the time of order placement.

Return Policy for Carson Cooper Spinning Wheels shipped abroad, as follows:

Cooper Spinning Wheels are guaranteed against defects in all moving parts: Wheel, Bearings, Flyer assembly, Bobbins and Whorls for the life of the wheel for the Original Purchaser. Any problems not covered by the below conditions will be repaired or replaced free of charge as long as you own the wheel.
(Please note there is a time factor for any refunds requested. See below)

Note: Purchaser is fully responsible for all shipping charges. Both for receipt and return if necessary. Sorry but we are unable to reimburse any cost for shipping or handling.

1) Purchaser may return standard or "inventory" items for reasons of workmanship or manufacturing defects for full refund, if returned within a 60 day period from receipt of merchandise.

Note: Special requests for custom orders not shown as standard items, or outside of the normal option list, will be remanufactured or repaired only. There is no refund of payment for custom orders, replacement only!

2)All items kept past 60 days of receipt will be reviewed for any buyer created damage or misuse and a percentage may deducted for return in the event the item is unsuitable for resale if not a result of original workmanship or manufacturing quality.
All decisions by Cooper Spinning Wheels regarding condition of returned merchandise are to be considered final. Cooper Spinning Wheels shall have 60 days from receipt of return to determine condition prior to arranging for refund of monies received. In the event deductions are taken due to condition, purchaser may request an accounting for the amounts not to be refunded.

3) Purchaser may return item for reasons of manufacturing defects which were not apparent at first but show up with use within 180 days of receipt of merchandise for full refund if item is standard inventory.
Deductions from refund may be taken for use or abuse, or poor return shipping practices.

4) Items resold by the original owner to another party will not be 
covered under any of the above warranty conditions. Warranty
is offered only to the original purchaser. In the event the item was purchased from a retail shop, a receipt is required as proof of
original purchase